Hollywood Body Laser is unprofessional and fraudulent

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I used a Groupon here, and during this visit was talked into a $1500 package.I was excited about good results on their photofacial.

Unfortunately, with each visit it become more apparent that their photofacial equipment was NOT delivering any results for me. They tried full power, no cooling, frequent visits...nothing worked. Trenton, the very pleasant manager said they would 'do something' for me. I waited...waited...phone calls not return.

He was not available for an undisclosed number of weeks. Once when I called, Jeanie the OTHER manager answered and said very angry and insultingly, "what do you need HONEY?" I said I was working with Trenton and wanted to hear back from him about a problem, and I was not her "honey". Now she says I cannot call there and will not be seen there, and refuses any fault, problem, resolution, refund, anything. She denies anything was ever wrong and I bad mouthed Hollywood in the months that have since expired with no resolution.

This problem has gone on for six months. Front reception, Trenton and others were overruled by this VERY NASTY Jeanie who says she doesn't care what customers think. She said her machines are great. I have hyperpigmentation that would beg to argue and her staff disagrees with her assessment (which she didn't care what they said either).

Though she has never seen me, so has no idea what the clinical nonresults are, I'm out $1500 for nothing in return.This woman has real anger issues and no idea of customer service.

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Hollywood Body Laser rips off doctors

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Richard Ferguson who is the owner of Hollywood body lasers stole my laser equipment about a year ago.I was the physician working with him at the time and after finding out the bad things he was doing I resigned from his clinic.

The lasers were under my name and he would not give them back to me, he locked me out of the building, and hid or resold the equipment. I have been in court trying to find them for the past year. I have heard he has done this to other doctors before. I now have these laser companies coming after me and suing me for the equipment that I don't have.

He also would walk around the clinic in a white coat, forging my name and acting like a doctor. He took out a loan with forging my name and ordered Rx's with my name. There are a few people I know personally that he scarred when he used the laser equipment on them without dr. supervision.

I think this man is a threat to the public. I reported him to DOPL but they can't do anything because they said he isn't a dr. and doesnt have a license. I need help.

I heard he is currently doing lipo laser on people and prescribing HCG.Can anyone stop him?

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Good news about Richard Ferguson aka Doc Hollywood aka William Ricker Ferguson. As of March 5 2012 he plead guilty to federal charges against him. He will be serving 48 months in federal prison.

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